A look at Be Careful of Words

Remembering our interview with Theater in the Now's Mike Block last May!

Tell us about Be Careful of Words and Helikon Repertory Company: Be Careful of Words, based in the work of Pulitzer Prizing winning poet Anne Sexton, is about the raw human need to connect with something outside yourself, whether it be a lover, god, the sunrise, or the unexpected grace found in something like making breakfast. (Anne loves to talk about redemption through breakfast.) Her work is troubling at times-- violent, impolite, wildly sexual, funny, yet, more than anything else, it’s truthful. Be Careful with Words brings the voice of Anne Sexton to life on stage. We are still figuring out exactly what that means, but I wouldn’t miss it! Helikon Rep was born out of the collaboration between myself, Cait Fergus and Mary Ellen Stebbins. We worked together at BU (in Grad school), where we discovered a shared passion for creating wild, visceral experiences out of stories that matter. So when we graduated, this company was the next inevitable step. It was an incredible gift to be able to incubate our creative relationships within a university environment, and now it feels great to share our work with the general public!

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